Police suspect a Dharwad man lost his money in “Jamtara 2” style


Hubballi: Cybercrime police said that a resident of Dharwad city lost his money in “Jamtara 2,” (Web series on cybercrimes) style recently. It means the victim lost his money despite not sharing his account details, CVV, password, or OTP with anyone.

In a complaint to the Cyber Crime police, the 41-year-old man claimed that he lost Rs 39,920 to cybercriminals despite not sharing his account details, credit card details, or password. He said his miscreants had stolen cash from his credit card online.

The police suspect the “Jamtara 2” style of work by the fraudsters in this case. In this web series, fraudsters get bank details and try different combinations of passwords from 0000 to 9999. The password has to be from these combinations, and once they get the right password, they transfer the money from the victim’s account to their account online. However, police are unable to explain why the account remains active despite three attempts to enter the incorrect password.

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