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Police Commissioner breaks a practice.

Hubballi: It may be the first time a Hubballi-Dharwad Police Commissioner has broken a decades-old tradition. Every year, the department used to convene a peace committee meeting at the old CAR ground on Karwar Road before Holi and the Ganesh festival. It had become a norm, previous Police Commissioners used to convene meeting at this ground and used send a message to the public and as well as antisocial elements through this meeting, but present Commissioner Labhu Ram broke that practice.

This time, the commissioner convened a peace meeting at a small auditorium of the police department above the Suburban Police station in Hubballi on Wednesday evening without inviting any media people. Though the members of several communities attended the meeting, the details of the meeting were not made public. It was more of a closed-door or secret meeting, which lacked transparency.

When a few media people reached the meeting venue at the end of the meeting and asked the Police Commissioner why they were not invited to the meeting, the police commissioner said that he had asked the Department of Information and Public Information to convey the message. The media people asked the Commissioner what the reason was for holding the meeting in a closed space. The commissioner replied that prohibitory orders were in force and the gathering of people was not allowed. But despite the prohibitory orders being in place, the commissioner conducted a meeting with the people. Does it not violate the order? The commissioner has to reply to this question.

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