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Police arrest a woman who killed five members of a family

Mandya: The police have solved a mass murder case reported in KR Sagar village in Srirangapatna taluk on February 6.

The police have arrested Laxmi, 34, a resident of KRS Bazaarline in Srirangapattana taluk. Laxmi was accused of murdering a woman named Laxmi Gangaram and her four children, Raju (10), Komal (7), Kunal (4), and Govind (13).

The police said that the accused had a relationship with Laxmi’s husband, Gangaram, and she always wanted to live with him. She was planning to kill his wife, thinking that she would get him if his wife was no more.

It is said that the accused and Gangaram were relatives, and they loved each other before marriage, and the relationship between the two continued even after Gangaram’s marriage. The accused was insisting that Gangaram divorce his wife and marry her, but Gangaram refused to do so.

And to get Gangaram, she hatched a plan to kill her lover’s wife, and on Sunday she stayed with Laxmi as her husband Gangaram was out of the station. At midnight, when Laxmi and all her children were fast asleep, she initially wanted to kill Laxmi alone but killed all her four children as they got up after hearing the screaming of their mother, but police say they have yet to verify this claim.

According to the sources, Laxmi, after killing all five, went to her house in Mysuru and returned to the victim’s house around 10 a.m. in the morning and started acting as if she did not know anything. But police grew suspicious of the way she was behaving and she confessed to the crime when they interrogated her.

Mandya SP Yatish N said that they arrested the accused within 48 hours of the crime and did lots of work before arresting the accused. He said the police gathered scientific data and all the evidence before picking her up for interrogation.

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