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June 2023

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PM Modi unveils the bust of Mahatma Gandhi in Hiroshima

MODI In JapanPrime Minister Narendra Modi unveiling bust of Mahatma Gandhi in Hiroshima on Saturday

New Delhi, May 20 (HS & PIB): Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi unveiled the bust of Mahatma Gandhi in Hiroshima, Japan. After this, met the people of the Indian community.

On this occasion, Prime Minister Modi said that India is the land of Buddha and Gandhi. India has given the message of peace to the world. Japan is flourished and nurtured by the thoughts of Lord Buddha. The statue of Pujya Bapu will serve as an inspiration in taking forward the ideas of non-violence and compassion.

He said that even today the world trembles on hearing the name of Hiroshima. “During this visit to the G7 Summit, I had the privilege of unveiling the statue of Mahatma Gandhi first. The world today is grappling with the battle of climate change and terrorism. Bapu’s ideals are the best way to win the battle against terrorism with climate change,” he said.

The Mahatma Gandhi bust has been gifted by the Government of India to the city of Hiroshima as a symbol of friendship and goodwill between India and Japan, on the occasion of the visit of the Prime Minister for the G-7 summit from 19-21 May 2023.

The 42 inches tall bronze bust has been sculpted by Padma Bhushan awardee Shri Ram Vanji Sutar. The bust site, adjacent to the Motoyasu River, is close to iconic A-Bomb Dome that is visited by thousands of people – locals and tourists alike – every day.

The location has been chosen as a mark of solidarity for peace and non-violence. Mahatma Gandhi dedicated his life to peace and non-violence. The location truly resonates with the principles and life of Gandhiji, which continue to inspire the world and its leaders.

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