PM Modi to visit Davangere

Pralhad Joshi
Union Minister Pralhad Joshi affixing party poster on the wall of a house in Davangere as a part of Vijaya Sankalpa Abhiyan

Davangere: The BJP is organising a historic event in the central part of Karnataka, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi will take part in it, said Union Minister for Mines and Coal Pralhad Joshi.

Speaking to reporters after launching the Vijaya Sankalp Abhiyan, Joshi stated that the event will most likely be held in the last week of February or the first week of March, but the date and location have not yet been finalized, and that discussions about holding the convention are ongoing, and that PM Modi will attend.

Joshi criticises the Congress party’s announcement

The union minister slammed the Congress party’s recent announcement of providing 200 units of free electricity to each household in the state, questioning why the scheme was not implemented by the Congress when they were in power in the state and what happened to the promise they made in Rajasthan; Rahul Gandhi had stated that his party would waive off farm loans on the count of ten; what happened to that? He questioned.

He said that the Congress is known for not fulfilling promises. He said the party cannot form the government in the state, and it is the party that is losing ground very rapidly.

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