PM Modi release Cheetahs into enclosure in Kuno National Park


Cheetahs, the fastest mammals on the planet, have been reintroduced to India. Eight Cheetahs, five females and three males were flown from Namibia to India in a special cargo Boeing -717 flight. The plane landed in Gwalior early in the morning, and they were airlifted to Kuno National Park.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi released the animals into a 10-kilometer enclosure on his 72nd birthday, in the presence of Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan and wildlife experts. Cheetahs were flown from southern Africa to India for reintroduction seven decades after the species was declared extinct there in 1952.

The release of wild Cheetahs by the Prime Minister in Kuno National Park is part of his efforts to revitalise and diversify India’s wildlife and its habitat. Cheetah was declared extinct from India in 1952. The Cheetahs that would be released are from Namibia and have been brought under an MoU signed earlier this year. The introduction of Cheetah in India is being done under Project Cheetah, which is world’s first inter-continental large wild carnivore translocation project.

Cheetahs will help in the restoration of open forest and grassland ecosystems in India. This will help conserve biodiversity and enhance the ecosystem services like water security, carbon sequestration and soil moisture conservation, benefiting society at large. This effort, in line with the Prime Minister’s commitment to environmental protection and wildlife conservation, will also lead to enhanced livelihood opportunities for the local community through eco-development and ecotourism activities.

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