‘PayCM’ posters surface in Bengaluru


On Wednesday, posters reading ‘PayCM’ with Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai’s face appeared in various parts of Bengaluru. The Congress Party has shared a video of these posters.
The Congress Party has shared a video of these posters. The posters were designed along the lines of the digital wallet PayTM, and they feature Bommai’s face in the middle of a QR code with the message ‘40% accepted here.’

Congress youth president Srinivas BV posted a video to his Twitter account. He captioned the post with a video of several posters in Bengaluru: “40% off CM Karo! Bengaluru’s streets right now.”

 The QR code will direct people to the ‘40% Commission Government’ website, which Congress recently launched to file complaints against the CM. As soon as the posters came to the notice of the corporation, they removed them. The photos of the affixed QR code is going viral on social media.

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