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June 2023

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Party Lines Blurred: Rajat Ullagaddimath Escorts Shettar to Bengaluru

Rajat UllagaddimathRajat Ullagaddimath

Hubballi: Rajat Ullagaddimath, a loyal Congress party worker and aspirant of party ticket from Hubballi Central, found himself in a unique position as he escorted former Chief Minister and BJP leader Jagadish Shettar to Bengaluru. Just a few days prior, Rajat and Shettar were campaigning for their respective parties, with Rajat occasionally criticizing Shettar as a member of the opposition party.

However, Shettar was denied BJP ticket, leading him to consider his options for contesting the elections. In a surprising turn of events, there were reports that Shettar was mulling the option of joining the Congress party. Upon hearing this news, the Congress party leaders contacted Shettar and extended an open invitation for him to join their party.

In an interesting move, the Congress party leadership entrusted Rajat with the task of escorting Shettar to Bengaluru on a special flight. According to sources within the Congress party, Rajat received a call from party leaders instructing him to bring Shettar to Bengaluru, a duty he fulfilled without hesitation.

Currently, Shettar is staying at the residence of his relative and Congress leader Shamnur Shivashankarappa. There are speculations that he may visit former Chief Minister Siddaramaiah’s house the following morning to hold talks about joining the Congress party. Shettar was accompanied by KPCC member and businessman UB Shetty, his son Sankalp Shettar, Tavanappa Ashtagi, and Shahazman Mujahid during his journey to Bengaluru, as per sources.

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