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June 2023

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Parliamentary Committee suggests extending FAME India Scheme for 2 more years to boost EV adoption

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The Parliamentary Committee on electric vehicles (EVs) in India has suggested that the government extend the benefits of the FAME India Scheme by two more years to avoid slowing down the pace of EV adoption.

The FAME India Scheme-II incentive, which promotes the manufacturing and adoption of electric and hybrid vehicles, is scheduled to end in March 2024. The committee recommends extending the scheme to evaluate its effectiveness and make necessary adjustments.

They also suggest that a comprehensive FAME India Scheme III be introduced once the extended period is over. The panel also proposed promoting other technologies such as flex fuel vehicles, hydrogen ICE, and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles along with EVs.

They further recommended preparing a roadmap for solar charging stations to reduce dependence on electricity generated by coal. The committee believes that purchasing subsidies and cash-incentive schemes for exchanging petrol/diesel vehicles for EVs could lead to faster adoption of EVs and help control CO2 emissions.

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