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Panchamasali Quota Stir: 5 Lakh Letters to CM

Hubballi: A letter campaign has been launched by Panchalaksha Patra Chaluvali Samiti in Hubballi on Wednesday to exert pressure on the state government and the central government to bring Panchamasalis under the 2 A category.

Speaking to reporters, the president of the Samiti Gangadhar Dodawad said, “They have purchased 25,000 letters from the postal department on Wednesday and have started distributing them to the Panchamasalis and others who support us in this cause. In the first phase, we will collect 1 lakh handwritten letters and send them to Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai, and it may take a month to collect one lakh handwritten letters from the supporters of the cause. And the letter campaign would be conducted in five phases, “he said.

Ishwar Sirsangi, Virupaxi Kallimani, Rajanna Kotagi, Anand Kotagi, Shankar Malkannavar, Mailari Hadpad, Venkangouda Goudar and others were present.

Panchamasalis to stage a protest outside the CM’s residence on June 27


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