Pakistani girl staying illegally in the state capital arrested by the police

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Bengaluru: The Bellanduru police have arrested a Pakistani girl who was staying in Bengaluru illegally on Friday. The girl has been identified as Iqra Jeevani, 19. Sources said that the girl was staying in the city and hiding her identity.

She married Mulyam Singh Yadav, 25, a native of Uttar Pradesh working as a security guard. Sources said that both met on a dating app, fell in love, and decided to get married. The couple married in Nepal, crossed the border, and reached Birganj in Bihar. Later, the couple moved to Bengaluru, said the sources.

The couple were living in a rented house in Junnasandra, and Mulayam found a security guard job and has been working since September 2022.

This fraud was discovered when central intelligence services discovered Iqra, who was attempting to contact family members in Pakistan, and informed state intelligence. The cops checked the information before storming the residence and arresting Mulayam and Iqra.

After Iqra changed her name to Rava Yadav and sought an Indian passport, Mulayam Singh obtained an Aadhaar card for her.

Iqra was then given over to FRRO officials, who confined her to a state home for women and continued their investigation. The authorities are checking Iqra’s past to see if she is involved in an espionage network.

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