Over 1 lakh names deleted from voters’ list in Dharwad district: Congress

Congress voters list
Congress party leaders Altaf Hallur, Rajat Ullagaddimath showing the deleted voters list to the media people

Hubballi: Between April and September this year over one lakh voters’ names were deleted from the voters’ list in the seven Assembly constituencies in Dharwad district, alleged Hubballi-Dharwad city district Congress president Altaf Hallur and Vidyanagar Block Congress president Rajat Ullagaddimath.

Addressing press persons at the Congress party office on Thursday, Hallur and Rajat charged that the BJP, in order to win the upcoming assembly election, has chosen this route because they knew this time it would be tough for them to win Dharwad district.

Hallur said that the names of over one lakh voters have been deleted without following any norms, and it is highly unlikely that over one lakh people have migrated or died in a span of four months. Of course, 10% of voters who were removed may have moved to other constituencies or died, said Hallur.

Hallur also said that the names of the voters who are alive and residing in the same locality were deleted, and they found this when they randomly checked the list.

Rajat Ullagaddimath claimed that two of Congress’ party ward presidents’ names were deleted. The incident came to light when he approached Pramod Hiremath, president of ward number 57, and Neelkant Karadi, president of ward number 58, to register themselves for party-related work, and it was required to provide the party with their number on the electoral list. When they started searching online using their EPIC numbers, their names were missing, and when they checked the updated electoral list, they did not find their names, said Rajat.

Rajat stated they had brought this matter to the attention of KPCC President DK Shivakumar, and that the party would file a complaint with the election commission.

Hallur said that he requested the deputy commissioner furnish a reason for the deletion of so many voters’ names from the list.

Both Rajat and Hallur charge that it is the handy work of the BJP and they want to win the election by deleting the names of Congress voters. According to Hallur, most of the voters whose names were removed belonged to minority groups, Dalits, and the lower classes.

The Congress leaders charged that in Hubballi Central constituency, around 10-11,000 voter names were removed, in East constituency, 6,000 voter names were deleted, around 14,000 voters were deleted in Dharwad rural, in Kundgol, 18,000 voters were removed, in West constituency, around 15,000, in Navalgund, 9,000, and in Kalaghatagi, 11,000 names were removed from the list.

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