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September 2023

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Outrage Erupts as Elderly Man Wastes Fuel for Instagram Reels at Noida Petrol Pump

Instagram Reels

A viral video depicts an elderly man from Noida, Uttar Pradesh, clumsily spilling petrol on the ground while attempting to fill his car, allegedly for the purpose of creating Instagram reels. This act of wastage has sparked widespread outrage among people who are demanding prompt action from authorities against the individual.

In the video, the man is seen getting out of his car to self-fill it with petrol. Regrettably, he spills a significant amount of fuel on the ground due to his inability to accurately pour it into the vehicle’s tank. The petrol station staff promptly steps in to clean the spilled areas on his car. The footage of this incident has rapidly spread across social media platforms.

The incident occurred at an Indian Oil petrol station, where the elderly man was allowed to handle the fuel nozzle on his own, instead of being assisted by trained staff. Many individuals shared the video on their social media accounts with the intention of bringing it to the notice of law enforcement authorities. People online criticized the incident and urged the police to investigate the matter and apprehend those responsible.

The deputy commissioner of police, Noida has noticed the viral video and asked the police to take necessary action

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