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September 2023

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Hubballi / Dharwad

Opposition Slams Mayor: HDMC Meeting Agenda Lacks Substance, Raises Eyebrows

Leader of the opposition showing agenda copy to the media
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Hubballi: Leader of the Opposition in the Hubballi-Dharwad Municipal Corporation (HDMC), Suvarna Kallakuntla, has strongly criticized Mayor Veena Bharadwad for the limited scope of the upcoming HDMC general body meeting’s agenda. Kallakuntla expressed her dismay over the inclusion of just one topic for discussion.

Speaking to reporters, Suvarna Kallakuntla questioned the necessity of convening a general body meeting if Mayor Veena Bharadwad lacked substantial issues to bring forward.

She pointed out the numerous pressing concerns affecting the residents of the twin cities, including water problem, poor road conditions, deteriorating infrastructure, LED street light problems, and the progress of the Smart City project works. However, these vital issues were overlooked in favor of a single matter, she said.

The lone topic in the agenda pertains to the recruitment of drivers for hearse vans, along with setting a fixed salary of Rs 10,000 for them. Kallakuntla labeled this as a trivial issue given the broader challenges faced by the municipality. She highlighted that Mayor Veena Bharadwad had personally determined the salary.

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Suvarna Kallakuntla emphasized that the mayor lacked a comprehensive understanding of the agenda copy’s significance. She suggested that senior BJP leaders and former mayors could have provided guidance. When asked directly if she believed the mayor lacked the capability, Kallakuntla responded affirmatively.

The Leader of the Opposition also declared their intention to boycott the solitary subject on the agenda and instead address weightier concerns impacting residents. She announced plans to raise important issues through a “calling attention” motion to draw attention to genuine matters that demand immediate consideration.

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