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June 2023

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Operation Kamala on the cards in Karnataka, says Independent MLC Lakhan Jarkiholi

Operation KamalaLakhan Jarkiholi

Belagavi: The results of the recently held assembly election are yet to be announced, but exit polls suggest that no political party is likely to secure a clear majority. While some predict that Congress may emerge as the single largest party, others suggest that Congress could get a clear majority, or that BJP may come close to the magic number. As candidates are yet to be elected, talks of resignation are doing rounds.

In the midst of this uncertainty, Independent MLC Lakhan Jarakiholi has made a startling claim. He said that if the BJP fails to secure a simple majority, there is a possibility of Operation Kamala. And the same time, he expressed confidence that the situation of doing Operation Kamala would not arise as he believes the BJP would win 120 seats. And Congress would get only 85 seats and that may lead to the resignation of at least 20 Congress party MLAs to switch sides and join the BJP.

“What will these MLAs do by remaining in the Congress, they join the BJP which will be in power,” he said mentioning the scenario that played out in Goa, where the same thing happened. However, he did not know who would lead this operation.

This claim has added to the already tense political atmosphere in Karnataka. It remains to be seen how the situation will unfold and what impact it will have on the formation of the government in the state.

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