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Only 50 % of eligible individuals have got the COVID vaccine in a few areas of Hubballi.

Hubballi: You won’t believe it, but residents in a few areas of Hubballi are still unwilling to receive the COVID vaccine, with barely half of the eligible beneficiaries receiving the first dosage.

Health care workers who went into low-vaccine-coverage areas were threatened in a few cases, and in one case, people tried to assault a health official; as a result, health care workers are now frightened to go into certain areas and approach individuals to convince them to get the immunization.

“The district administration is making every effort to inoculate all eligible beneficiaries with at least one dose of Covid vaccine,” said Deputy Commissioner Nitesh. “90 percent of beneficiaries were inoculated with one dose of the vaccine in the district, but due to low vaccine coverage in these areas, the percentage did not cross 95 percent. If at least 80 percent of the eligible population is covered in these areas, the first dose coverage percentage will improve,” he added.

Following a cluster outbreak of Covid infection at SDM Medical College, the district administration ramped up the vaccination effort, with the Deputy Commissioner personally visiting low-vaccine-coverage areas to convince residents to get the vaccine.

HDMC Commissioner Suresh Itnal visited such areas on Monday and persuaded residents to take the vaccine.

Officials informed us that in Hubballi city, Old Hubballi, Mominplot, Islampur, Ganeshpet, Mukheri Galli, Banatikatta, Ayodhya Nagar, Anand Nagar, Toravi Hakkal, Kulkarni Hakkal, Bindaragi Oni, Moulali Jopadi, Heggeri, and a few residential areas in wards 44 and 65, the vaccination drive did not reach 50%. On the condition of anonymity, they said it was only 40% in a few areas.

They scold us, close the doors, windows.

One of the health care workers told www.hubliexpress.com during the DC visit to those areas on Sunday that people in a few areas scold us, they close the doors and windows, despite this we go to their doorsteps frequently but they hardly listen to us. ” Convincing them has become a headache, one of the families who receives the Covid vaccine in presence of DC was not at all listening to us. Look today, the DC came they all agreed without uttering a word. There are many families in these surrounding areas,” the health care worker told.

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