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On Friday, Modi will inaugurate prominent tourist attractions.

Through video conference, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will dedicate to the country various significant railway projects in Gujarat. In addition, he would dedicate the newly redeveloped Gandhinagar Capital Railway Station.

On July 16, the Prime Minister will dedicate India’s largest Aquatics and Robotics Gallery and Nature Park at Gujarat Science City.

Aquatics Gallery

The state-of-the-art public Aquatics Gallery consists of different tanks dedicated to aquatic species belonging to different regions of the world along with the main tank consisting of major sharks from across the world. There is also a 28-meter unique walkway tunnel, providing a unique experience.

Robotics Gallery

The Robotics Gallery is an interactive gallery showcasing the frontiers of robotic technologies, which would provide a platform for visitors to explore the ever-advancing field of robotics. At the entrance, there is a gigantic replica of the Transformer robot. A unique attraction in the gallery is a reception humanoid robot that communicates with visitors alongside expressing emotions such as joy, surprise and excitement. Robots from different fields are placed on different floors of the gallery that demonstrate applications in domains such as medicine, agriculture, space, defence, and use in everyday life.

Nature Park

The Park includes several picturesque features like a Mist Garden, Chess Garden, Selfie Points, Sculpture Park and an outdoor maze. It also includes interesting labyrinths designed for children. The park also contains various sculptures of extinct animals such as Mammoth, Terror Bird, Saber Tooth Lion replete with scientific information.


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