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September 2023

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Oil Marketing Companies announce the setting up of 22,000 EV charging stations.

New Delhi:  Recently, the Ministry of Power revised these guidelines and standards with the following amendments:

To provide an affordable tariff chargeable by public EV charging station operators and owners and Electric Vehicle (EV) owners. Enable owners of electric vehicles to charge EVs at their residences or offices using their existing electricity connections. A revenue-sharing model has been suggested for land use to make a public charging station financially viable from an operational perspective.

Timelines have been prescribed for providing connectivity to the Public Charging Station (PCS) for faster rollout of EV public charging. Technical requirements for public charging stations have been elaborated.

In this direction, the Oil Marketing Companies have announced the setting up of 22,000 EV charging stations in prominent cities and on national highways across the country. Out of 22,000 EV charging stations, 10,000 will be installed by IOCL, 7,000 will be installed by Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. (BPCL), and the rest of 5,000 will be installed by Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd. (HPCL). IOCL has already installed 439 EV charging stations and plans to install another 2,000 EV charging stations over the next year. BPCL has installed 52 charging stations, while HPCL has installed 382 charging stations.

The Department of Heavy Industry has recently sanctioned 1576 nos of Public Charging Stations for 25 Highways and Expressways which shall be located within every 25 km of range on both sides of these expressways and highways. (PIB)

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