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June 2023

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Hubballi / Dharwad

NWKRTC bus driver honoured for saving 50 lives

NWKRTC Bus DriverNWKRTC MD Bharat S handing over appreciation certificate to driver Gaddeppa Mudakavi

NWKRTC bus driver receives appreciation from MD Bharat S

Hubballi: A North Western Karnataka Road Transport Corporation (NWKRTC) bus driver who saved the lives of more than 50 passengers on board his bus and prevented a huge tragedy with his presence of mind and driving skill was felicitated on Thursday at the NWKRTC central headquarters in the city by NWKRTC Managing Director Bharat S.

The MD praised the driver, Gaddeppa Mudakavi, who works at the Nippani bus depot, as well as conductor Rajappa R Kamate.

According to officials, on March 14, the driver Mudakavi was driving his bus from Kolhapur to Belagavi, and while the bus was descending a ghat in a curve near Kanagal, a container truck moving in front of the bus made a sudden u-turn without signaling the vehicles coming behind it or from the opposite side.

Because of the u-turn of the truck, the small ghat road was partially obstructed; if the driver turned right to avoid colliding with the container, the bus may have plunged into a deep canyon; if he stayed straight, the bus could have collided with the container. In this critical scenario, the driver demonstrated his sense of time and driving expertise by shifting the bus’s gears to slow it down and bring it to a gentle halt, striking a mud mound on the left side. According to officials, the driver’s presence of mind and driving skills saved the lives of over 50 people and prevented a major tragedy.

The passengers on the bus that day hailed the driver and shared the video on social media, and the public praised the driver’s abilities and judgment.

Senior officials Rajesh Huddar, Vijayshri Nargund, H. Ramanagoudar, Shashidhar Kumbar, Dasharath Kelageri, and others were present.

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