Nine km long Tiranga waved in Kalghatagi, hundreds march holding the longest national flag


The country celebrated its 76th Independence Day in grand style on Monday, but the celebration in Dharwad district’s Kalaghatagi town was unique and remarkable. The entire town, as well as the population of the surrounding villages and taluks, took part in a nine-kilometre-long procession with the national flag.

During a major rally in the town, one of the country’s longest flag was waved. The Tiranga Maharally was organised by the Santosh Lad Foundation, which was founded by former Kalaghatagi MLA Santosh Lad.

During the yatra, or rally, hundreds of people marched through town holding the 9-kilometre-long and 9-foot-wide flag.

According to organisers, the Maharally is expected to join the World Book of Records as 70,000 to 1 lakh people are expected to participate in the rally while holding the longest tricolour.

The rally began at Dastikoppa Bridge and ended on the outskirts of Kalaghatagi at the Galaginagatti Cross. During the rally, artists from the town and district, as well as from other states, performed. Traditional percussionists beat traditional instruments as they marched beside the rally.

Santosh S Lad, the event’s organiser, told reporters at his home, “The event or rally was organised to generate awareness among the young people, to inform them that we achieved freedom after a hard struggle; hundreds of people gave their lives to free this nation from Britishers.”

“The goal was to raise awareness of our freedom fighters and instil patriotic impulses in them.” “We waved a two-kilometre Tiranga last year, and we aim to add another seven kilometres to the existing Tiranga, and on one side of the NH 63, we receive a seven-kilometre straight stretch, and there is nothing else in the number,” he said.

He stated that the Tiranga cloth was imported from Mumbai and stitched in Bengaluru. The Tiranga was sewn by 200 employees and took one month to complete. He stated that the mega-event preparations began three months ago.

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