New pay commission to be formed in October, CM Bommai announces

Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai addressing press persons in Bengaluru on the occassion of his government first year celebration

Bengaluru: Saying that the state government is committed to protecting the interest of its employees, Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai said it has been decided to constitute New Pay Commission next month.

Speaking at a function organised by Department of Personnel and Administrative Reforms (DPAR) in connection with the presentation of ‘Sarvotthama Seva Awards’ here on Monday, he said the government will respond positively to all their demands, and a GO has been issued to cover the government employees under the ‘Arogya Sanjeevini’ scheme. The employees of all the grades must work voluntarily during the difficult times like Covid and floods. The government will also stand by the people in flood management, protection of property,crops and life of people, saving of animals. In this situation, the role of employees is very important and they must work with honesty. A good administrator will respond to travails of people and respond positively. Amidst all these challenges, the cooperation of the government employees is very important to instill confidence in people.

See happiness through service
Bommai said there is a writing on Vidhana Soudha building, ‘Government job is god’s work and the State will become prosperous if they work according to their conscience. Through the works of executive, not only the state will progress but there will be welfare of people too. They must not forget that they are in such an important place of deciding the future of Karnataka. “You are not the employees but an important part of the government. There is lot of diffrence between duty and work (Kayaka). The meaning of Kayaka is taking the welfare programs to people by crossing line of duty. The poor will bless you if their decisions help them. You will also get the satisfaction of giving a life to poor. Need of the hour is to find out a sense of satisfaction through serving the people”.
CM said in private sector, there will be target and responsibility. But the government employees have power along with target and responsibility. The power must be used positively to do good for the people. They can contribute a lot for the development of state. There may be hundreds of reasons not to do people’s welfare programs but one good reason is enough to do job. The people are their bosses and working for them must become their motto. The citizens who will come to the government offices must be treated with respect. Every government employee must discharge duty by keeping all those points in mind.

He said the entire world suffered due to Covid-19 pandemic and impact economic growth too. As Prime Minister Narendra Modi has done a lot to maintain the economic stability. The success of the vaccination program in India has surprised the entire world. He has successfully taken India forward through ‘Swacch Bharath’ and ‘Sashakth Bharath’. Now, the country was seeing progress on the economy front. Today is the era of digital world and people get access to all information fast and easily. The employees must adjust to this speed and work. Modern technology must be adopted in administration in order to be ahead.

Adopt cows
He said under ‘Punya Koti’ scheme, there are over one lakh cows in various goshalas for adoption. The government has been taking care of old and senile. The new goshalas are established in each district for which Rs 50 crore has been sanctioned. This requires the people’s participation and then only it will have a real meaning of democracy. A special website has been created for this purpose. Rupees 11,000 is fixed for the adoption of a cow for one year and the picture of the adopted cow will appear in website. “I have adopted 100 cows and requested my ministerial colleages to do the same. You can also adopt if you have love, compassion, affection and wanted to win virtue. The officers of A and B group employees can go for the adoption of cows”.



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