Negligence by a relative costs a boy’s vision in one eye 

Dr Srinivas Joshi briefing the media at MM Joshi Eye Institute in Hubballi on Friday. Dr Krishna Prasad, Dr KV Satyamurthy and others are present.

Hubballi: A small mistake by a relative cost vision of an eye of an 11-month-old baby. The child accidentally squeezed slaked lime into his eye, given to him as a toy. The lime’s chemical reaction in his eye damaged his vision in one eye.

The senior doctors of MM Joshi Eye Institute, Dr R Krishna Prasad, Dr Srinivas Joshi, Dr KV Satyamurthy, and Dr Rajeshwari, told reporters that the baby is from Gadag district’s Shirahatti taluk. The boy accidentally squeezed the lime into his eye. As a result, he lost his vision in one eye. The parents immediately washed the eyes of the boy, but by that time, the damage was done. They went to a local ophthalmologist, and the doctor referred the case to the MM Joshi Eye Institute.

The doctors at the eye institute, as soon as the boy arrived at the hospital, immediately took him to the operating theatre and examined the chemical reaction in the eye. As a first step, amniotic membrane transplantation was done, and in the future, he will need a few more surgeries depending on the response to the initial surgery, and with all these procedures, he may get partial vision, said the doctors.

Loose lime/chemical injuries are the leading cause of childhood blindness in India. According to them, most of the incidences recorded are from rural areas in Gadag, Belagavi, Vijaypur, and other districts.

“This year, India has reported 90 occurrences of sight loss among children, of which 10 are in North Karnataka alone,” said Dr. K V Satyamurthy, adding that these tragedies are entirely avoidable if elders are more vigilant. He also requested the government to impose restrictions on the sale of loose lime in plastic covers and tubes.

He claims that lime injuries to the eyes are more harmful than acid attacks because the ‘alkali’ penetrates deeper into the inner skin of the eye than acid burns to the surface.

According to Dr Srinivas Joshi, the Eye Institute’s philanthropic trust will bear the entire cost of this operation.

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