Navalgund: A man donates black magic items, hiding them in a pumpkin, to a temple

Devotees and locals gathered at Mailaralingeshwar temple after the news broke that a man donated black magic items hiding them in a pumpkin on Saturday

Hubballi: A man allegedly donated a pumpkin in which he hid black magic items to the Mailarlingeshwar temple in Navalgund.

The incident happened in Navalgund on Saturday. The man has been identified as Parashuram Honakeri. According to the locals, Parashuram had donated Rs 500 and a pumpkin when the temple authorities went to his house on Friday to collect donations for Anna Prasadam to be prepared during the celebration of the holy month of Shravan at the temple.

When the devotees were preparing the prasadam, the cook hold the pumpkin to grate, but while holding it in the hand, the cook expressed doubt that the pumpkin contained something else. According to the sources, when the devotees cut open the pumpkin, they found a needle, a lemon, a green blouse piece, and vermillion.

As soon as they found the items, the devotees went to the house of Parashuram and brought him to the temple, but the man escaped by gathering all the items. The devotees decided to destroy the prasadam as they felt that it was contaminated, said local sources. 

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