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September 2023

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Nadine Dorries Officially Resigns from Commons, Criticizes Rishi Sunak

Image courtesy @NadineDorries Twitter
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Nadine Dorries, the Member of Parliament for Mid Bedfordshire, has officially resigned from her position in the Commons, more than two months after initially declaring her intention to do so “with immediate effect.”

In her resignation statement, she launched a scathing critique of Rishi Sunak, lambasting the prime minister and warning him that history would not remember him kindly.

Dorries initially announced her decision to step down on June 9, citing her failure to secure a peerage in Boris Johnson’s resignation honours list as a factor. However, the vacancy had not been formally recognized, preventing a by-election from taking place. She had delayed her departure to investigate her exclusion from the House of Lords.

In a published letter, Dorries detailed her investigation into what she termed the “political assassination of Boris Johnson.” She accused Rishi Sunak of undermining the principles of Conservatism and creating a “zombie Parliament.” Amid mounting pressure to fulfill her pledge to resign, her departure now clears the way for a by-election in Mid Bedfordshire.

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Chancellor Jeremy Hunt is expected to appoint Dorries to the role of Steward and Bailiff of the Three Hundreds of Chiltern, an arcane mechanism facilitating MPs’ exit before an election. This will enable the Conservative Party to initiate a by-election in her constituency.

Dorries, a former nurse, expressed gratitude for serving the constituents of Mid Bedfordshire for 18 years and working in Westminster for nearly a quarter of a century.

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