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Munirabad- Mehabub Nagar new railway line: SWR aims to complete 18.5 KM of track between Karatagi and Sindhanur.

Hubballi: If an 18.5-kilometer railway line is built between Karatagi and Sindhanur, the project to build a new railway line between Munirabad and Mehabub Nagar will be one step closer, and people in this region will be able to travel to Sindhanur, a prominent town in the Raichur district.

According to the information shared by the officials of South Western Railway (SWR), the Ginigera-Raichur Project, which is 165 km in length, was sanctioned in the year 2007-08 and the original cost of only this part was Rs 179.63 cr. The project is being executed on a cost-sharing basis, 50:50 with the government of Karnataka.

Till now, the Gangavati-Karatagi section has been commissioned and service started. The target is to complete Karatagi-Sindhanur (18.5km). Aneesh Hegde, CPRO of South Western Railway, said that this line will give a boost to trade, commerce, and connectivity in the Kalyana-Karnataka region. Gangavati is called the “rice bowl of Karnataka”. The rail connectivity will enable farmers and paddy traders to have greater access to markets far and wide.

The railway line between Mahabubnagar and Munirabad was sanctioned in the year 1997-98 for a distance of 247 km at an estimated cost of Rs. 1,723 crores then. Of the 66 km from Devarakadra to Krishna fall under the South Central Railway Jurisdiction, which covers the rural belt of the Telangana region, and the remaining portion belongs to the South Western Railway, serving the Karnataka area.

On completion, the Mahabubnagar- Munirabad New Railway line will serve the socio-economically backward areas of Mahabubnagar district and Raichur district of Karnataka state. The large number of rural residents located in Mahabubnagar district (88.87%) and Raichur district (79.21% ) will get rail transport facilities. Furthermore, this line will improve the connectivity to the unconnected and remote areas of Mahabubnagar district and Raichur district.

The Mahbubnagar–Munirabad new line will significantly reduce the distance between Hyderabad and Hubbali and Goa, to the extent of 102 km as compared to the present route, says South Central Railway.

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