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June 2023

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Mumbai Police Bust Fake Call Centre Thanks to Suspicious Breakfast Orders

Mumbai Police

On Monday, Mumbai police announced that they had conducted raid on a phoney call centre, thanks to the suspicious breakfast orders being placed. The call centre was concealed in a house by Rajodi Beach, which contained multiple workers who were prohibited from leaving the building to prevent contact with outsiders.

However, police received information that somebody was consistently ordering scores of breakfast meals from a nearby eatery at 4 am, even on days when the beach was deserted. “The beach resort is full of tourists on weekends and almost deserted on other days. So the 50 to 60 tea and breakfast orders so early every morning for many days raised our suspicion and we started secretly monitoring the place,” revealed police officer Suhas Bavche.

On the night of April 11th, police conducted a raid on the house, which consisted of a floor with 60 workstations, and apprehended the owner and 47 employees. The employees and owner have been charged with impersonation, fraud, and cheating under the Information Technology Act. Authorities have commenced a forensic examination of the computers.

According to Bavche, an investigation thus far has revealed that young workers were taught to receive calls from naive Australian bank clients. They would gather sensitive personal data and security information, such as one-time passwords, and deliver it to managers via email. “This could be the tip of the iceberg. We are investigating international connections for the racket,” he added. “Such fake call centres operating from one place for a couple of months at a time are regularly busted across India.”

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