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June 2023

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MTB Lashes Out at Dr. Sudhakar Over Coalition Government Collapse

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Political Battle Unleashed: MTB Attacks Dr. Sudhakar Over Coalition Government Collapse

Bengaluru: Former BJP ministers, who defected from the Congress party and played a part in the downfall of the JDS-Congress coalition government, have now plunged into a mudslinging match.

The controversy began when Dr. Sudhakar, the ex-Minister of Health and Medical Education, pointed fingers at Congress leader Siddaramaiah for the collapse of the JDS and Congress alliance government. Dr. Sudhakar took to Twitter and unleashed a series of tweets, attributing the government’s collapse to Siddaramaiah’s actions.

In his tweets, Dr. Sudhakar claimed that during the JDS-Congress coalition government in 2018, when MLAs expressed their concerns to Siddaramaiah, the then Coordination Committee Chairman, he would express helplessness and state that he had no authority in the government. Siddaramaiah allegedly assured the MLAs to wait until the 2019 Lok Sabha polls, promising that he would not let the HD Kumaraswamy-led coalition government continue beyond that.

In response to Dr. Sudhakar’s tweets, MTB Nagaraj, a party leader who served as a minister alongside Sudhakar in the Basavaraj Bommai government, sharply retaliated. Nagaraj stated that he had met Siddaramaiah multiple times during the coalition government’s tenure, highlighting the lack of progress in his constituency and the district under his charge. According to Nagaraj, Siddaramaiah had asked him to remain silent until the completion of the Lok Sabha elections, which is true, Nagaraj claimed.

Disputing Dr. Sudhakar’s claims, Nagaraj accused him of spreading falsehoods and attributed his words to frustration following his defeat in the elections. Nagaraj questioned why Dr. Sudhakar had remained silent until now and if he truly had grievances. He challenged Dr. Sudhakar to swear on God that Siddaramaiah directly or indirectly motivated his defection to the BJP, questioning the timing and intent of his accusations.

Adding to the escalating feud, another former BJP minister Byrathi Basavaraja took to Twitter and revealed that during the coalition government’s regime in 2018, Siddaramaiah had acknowledged facing similar problems when it came to resolving development issues in their constituencies. Siddaramaiah had reportedly assured them that the coalition government would continue until the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. In order to prioritize the development of their respective constituencies, they made the decision to resign.

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