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May 2023

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Mother and son come out of 3-year COVID-19 self-quarantine

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Strange incident of COVID-19 self-quarantine comes to light 

Gurugram: The police on Tuesday brought out a 33-year-old woman who locked herself and her minor son in a rented property in Chakkarpur district for three years to evade COVID-19 infection.

According to reports, a team of police, health department officials, and child welfare department personnel forced through the main entrance of the house and rescued Munmun Majhi and her 10-year-old son.

“The woman is suffering from some psychological troubles.” “Both are referred to PGI, Rohtak, and are admitted to the mental ward for treatment,” said a doctor, reported a national media outlet, quoting news agency.

How the matter of COVID-19 self-quarantine came to light?

On February 17, the matter came to light when Sujan Majhi, the husband of Munmun, contacted Chakkarpur police. He narrated the incident to the police officials, but they initially did not believe his words, and after watching a video call that Sujan made to his wife, the police agreed to intervene.

Sujan, a private company engineer, was denied entry into his home by his wife as he left for work following the relaxation of COVID restrictions due to a decrease in the number of COVID cases. The reports said that he tried to convince her but failed, and initially, he stayed with relatives and friends; later, he started living in rented accommodations in the same area.

Sujan took care of the needs of her wife and son, as he used to pay the rent, and the electricity bill, and deliver rations at the door. When the police and other officials entered the house, they found that it was a complete mess, with dirt and garbage accumulating throughout the entire house.

If the officials had not barged in, something bad could have happened, said an official.

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