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June 2023

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Modi wears recycled plastic bottle jacket at G7 summit PM Modi previously worn sleeveless sky blue jacket crafted from recycled plastic bottles

Modi wears jacket made from recycled plastic bottlesPM Modi makes eco-fashion statement in Parliament: Wears recycled plastic bottle jacket. (File picture for representation purpose only)

New Delhi, 21 May (HS): Prime Minister Narendra Modi donned a jacket made of recycled cloth to the G7 Summit on Sunday to send a message of sustainability. Recycled fabric is created by collecting used pet bottles, crushing and melting them, adding colour, and spinning yarn from them.

This technique significantly reduces emissions at various phases of manufacturing. Notably, during the G-7 Summit in Hiroshima, PM Modi spoke in a panel on “Working Together to Address Multiple Crises,” emphasising the need to shift the growth paradigm inspired by consumerism.

“I believe that the development model should pave the way for development, not become a hindrance to the progress of developing countries,” Prime Minister Modi remarked. He emphasised the importance of developing a new paradigm of natural farming as an alternative to fertilisers throughout the world.

“I believe that we should make digital technology available to every farmer in the world. It should be our endeavour to separate organic food from fashion and commerce and connect it with nutrition and health,” Prime Minister Modi stated. During the Quad Summit, held on the sidelines of the G7 Summit, Prime Minister Modi emphasised the recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report, which states that quick and far-reaching reforms across all sectors and systems are required.

“As we move towards a net-zero world, we emphasise the importance of bolstering our cooperation to ensure better access to affordable, reliable, and secure clean energy in the Indo-Pacific. We will collaborate to improve the region’s access to climate funding and smart technologies,? he said.

Notably, PM Modi has previously worn a jacket prepared from recycled plastic bottles. Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently appeared in Parliament wearing a sleeveless sky blue jacket. The Nehru jacket, which was given to him by the Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) on February 6 during the India Energy Week in Bengaluru, was created from recycled plastic bottles.

“India’s massive efforts towards green growth and energy transition reflect our values as well. In certain ways, circular economy is a part of every Indian’s lifestyle. Our principles have been imbued with the philosophy of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. We got to see an example of this today. You’ve probably seen uniforms fashioned from recycled plastic garbage bottles. It is not lacking in any way when it comes to fashion and attractiveness. The goal of recycling 100 million such bottles per year will go a long way towards protecting the environment,” Prime Minister Modi stated.

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