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May 2023

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Hubballi / Dharwad

MLA Mahesh Tenginkai’s First Day Out: Promises Relief from Waterlogging

MLA Mahesh TenginkaiMLA Mahesh Tenginkai inspecting a Kaluve near Rotary School in Deshpande Nagar in Hubballi on Thursday

Hubballi: Newly elected MLA, Mahesh Tenginkai conducted inspections of various areas in the city prone to water logging during the rainy season. Accompanied by the HDMC Commissioner and officials, he visited the sites to assess the situation. Tenginkai promptly directed the officials to clear any obstructions and silt from the drains, ensuring a smooth passage of water.

His initial inspection took place at the kaluve near Rotary School in Deshapande Nagar, where rainwater and stormwater accumulation causes flooding on the roads and encroaches upon nearby houses. He attentively listened to the grievances of the residents and assured them that the issue would be resolved before the onset of the rainy season.

Later, Tenginkai proceeded to the cotton market, which had experienced flooding due to summer rains. He instructed the officials to take necessary measures to alleviate the problem and identify and remove any blockages hindering the water flow.

Tenginkai had already instructed the officials to clear the silt from the drains and eliminate all obstructions to ensure the smooth flow of water. Each zone of HDMC had been granted Rs 6 lakh for desilting purposes, he added.

To prevent the public from dumping garbage in the Nalla, the HDMC Commissioner, Dr. Gopal Krishna, announced plans to install fences along the Rajakaluves.

In preparation for rain-related issues, the HDMC had established a dedicated task force to promptly address any concerns arising during the rainy season. This team committed to reaching the reported location within thirty minutes of receiving a complaint.

Additionally, a team was formed to prune and trim trees posing a threat, with the aim of preventing any accidents caused by falling trees, Gopal Krishna said.

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