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September 2023

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Hubballi / Dharwad

MLA Bellad Warns of Defiance if Ganesha Idol Permission Denied at Idgah Maidan

MLA Arvind Bellad addressing press conference in Hubballi on Wednesday

Hubballi, By Hubli Express News: Hubballi-Dharwad West MLA Arvind Bellad strongly criticized the HDMC for employing delaying tactics in granting permission to a Ganesh Mandal for the installation of a Ganesha idol at the Idgah Maidan in Hubballi.

Bellad, in a press conference held on Wednesday, expressed his frustration with the Siddaramaiah-led state government for unnecessarily prolonging the issue. He pointed out that the HDMC had already passed a resolution during its general body meeting, approving the installation of a Ganesha idol by a Ganesh Mandal for a three-day period, as was done in the previous year.

However, the HDMC Commissioner has revealed that he has forwarded this matter to the Deputy Commissioner, who, in turn, has sent it to the government. Unfortunately, as of now, the district administration has not received any response from the state government. Bellad raised concerns that the state government might be withholding permission to install the Lord Ganesha idol in that location as a means to appease minority groups.

He appealed to the HDMC to expedite the process and grant permission to the Ganesh Mandal for the idol installation at the earliest, so that preparations for the festival celebration could commence without further delay.

Bellad also issued a warning, stating that if the HDMC were to deny permission, the devotees of Lord Ganesha would proceed with the installation at any cost. Additionally, he mentioned that he had written a letter to Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, requesting his intervention and permission for the festival celebration at the Idgah Maidan.

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