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June 2023

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MLA Abbayya sets the record straight with booklet on transformative projects

Prasad Abbayya

Hubballi: MLA Prasad Abbayya has stated that the candidates of AIMIM, SDPI, and JD(S) in the upcoming assembly election will not impact the Congress party’s traditional votes.

According to Abbayya, voters know that these parties only field candidates to capture some of the traditional votes and that these contestants make little difference in reality, so there is no chance of these candidates getting the party’s votes.

Speaking to Hubli Express, Abbayya expressed his delight, as the party announced his name as the candidate to contest from the Hubballi-Dharwad (East) assembly constituency. He said that the party recognised his efforts and the work he started in this constituency. Abbayya is confident that the voters of the constituency will once again bless him because of the development work he started. It is his usual practice to launch the campaign once the party announces the ticket.

When questioned about why he is distributing a booklet on the works he carried out in the constituency and the projects he brought, Abbayya stated that some opponents were spreading false information that he did nothing for the constituency. To ensure that the misinformation is quashed and the people are aware of how he transformed the constituency, a booklet outlining his achievements is being distributed among the voters and residents of the constituency.

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