Minister Sriramulu cleans the graveyard.


Ballari: Today, District- In-Charge Minister B Sriramulu cleaned a graveyard in Ballari this morning. He himself drove an earthmover to clear the rubbish. Later, he cleaned the garbage with his hands. Ballari MLA Somashekhar Reddy and officials accompanied him.

Sriramulu visited Harishchandra Ghat in the early hours of Saturday and found that the graveyard was in shabby condition. He himself cleaned the area, driving an earthmover. He instructed Ballari Municipal Corporation officials to provide all the basic facilities for the graveyard and asked them to maintain the cleanliness of the burial ground.

Later, speaking to reporters, he said Ballari city has 30 burial grounds, of which 13 have been developed. Efforts are on to develop the remaining ones.

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