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June 2023

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Hubballi / Dharwad

Minister Joshi urges Shettar to clarify his stance on Bajarang Dal ban

Union Minister Pralhad Joshi(FILE PHOTO)

Hubballi: Union Minister Pralhad Joshi has urged Jagadish Shettar, a Congress candidate and his former party member, to clarify his stance on the Congress party’s promise to ban Bajarang Dal if they come to power.

Speaking to reporters here on Friday, Joshi emphasized the need for a clear response and stated that avoiding the question would not help. Shettar had previously avoided answering the question, claiming that he would discuss the matter within his party forum.

Former CM Veerappa Moily stated that they would not ban the Bajarang Dal, while Surjewala, Siddaramaiah, and DK Shivakumar claimed that they would ban it. Joshi mentioned that if the Congress party touched Lord Hanuman, it would lead to the destruction of their future.

When asked about the Goa government’s ban on Sri Rama Sena, Joshi responded that it depended on the state government’s decision, as the situation in each state was different. He emphasized that the Bajrang Dal had no links with any terrorist organization and had not been involved in any violent incidents. Joshi condemned comparing Bajarang Dal and PFI on the same scale.

Joshi did not comment on the alleged statement made by BJP national general secretary BL Santosh regarding the party not needing the Lingayat vote and building the party on Hindutva alone. He refuted the media’s claims that Santosh made such a statement, asserting that it was all media fabrication.

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