MIA introduces app-based portable ECG machine on World Heart Day

Dr Nishitha Rai M, medical officer, APHO receives the portable ECG machine from MIA leadership on World Heart Day.

Mangaluru International Airport prioritizes the health, security and safety of its passengers and stakeholders always. To reiterate this commitment, the airport on World Heart Day that is observed on September 29th every year, introduced an app-based portable ECG machine to its medical facility. The senior leadership of the airport handed over the machine to the medical inspection room of the airport to mark this occasion.

The ECG machine that weighs a mere 320 grams can be easily transported from the medical inspection room to anywhere in the airport based on the need. With full charge, one can use the machine to take up to 80 ECGs, one which help doctors determine the exact health status of a person who faces chest pain. One can also print out ECG reports in different formats. The machine can deliver a standard ECG in 10 seconds.

The ECG machine will also supplement the automated external defibrillators (AED) that the airport has already installed at vantage locations. While AED are helpful in reviving people who have no heart beats, the ECG machine will enable the paramedical and medical staff get an accurate reading on the best course of action that they need to initiate for any person who faces discomfort in the chest region.

Dr Nishitha Rai M, medical officer, Airport Health Organization (APHO), who symbolically received this ECG machine that comes with Artificial Intelligence interface, advised people to undergo annual health check-ups and maintain healthy food habits. This, Dr Rai said, was important given that many youths off late are facing heart-related issues. For medical assistance at the airport, call the terminal manager on 6358859896.

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