MIA adds third EV to its motor pool as it marches to ‘Net Zero’ goal

MIA Mangaluru International Airport
MIA has added the third electric hatchback to its motor pool as part of its green initiative

Mangaluru: Continuing its march towards the goal of Net Zero emissions, Mangaluru International Airport (MIA) on October 13 added the third electric vehicle (EV) to its ‘green vehicle’ initiative. MIA earlier in July had procured two such vehicles in keeping with the endeavour of being carbon neutral and achieving ‘net zero’ status in the future. The third electric vehicle will be used in aero operations at the airport.

Using electric vehicles for its day-to-day operations will help Mangaluru International Airport reduce its carbon emission and thereby pare the carbon footprint that this facility generates operationally, in toto. This conscientious switch to electric vehicles is part of larger plan of the airport to convert all its fossil fuel driven vehicles to electric vehicles, wherever this green option is available going forward, by March 2025.

The airport earlier on August 1st had commissioned an electric vehicle charging station to support the move to operationalize EVs at MIA. Plans are afoot to set up a second EV charging station on the airside to complement the existing charging station at traffic island four near the flag post. Stakeholders at the airport or passengers visiting the airport may utilize this EV charging station on the city side, which is already operational.

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