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Meet Shivakumar, who teaches free badminton to poor children

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With a novel intention of popularising the badminton game and honing the skilling playing the game among the poor talented children, Muthyal Shiva Kumar, who played an international platform, is training poor children at free of cost. Many of young players trained by him have played at national and international tourneys.

Apart from taking part in international level tournaments, Shiva Kumar has ten years of experience in badminton coaching and has already given coaching to over 200 students. His aim is to produce good badminton players from a small town like Ballari in Kalyana Karnataka regioin, so he has been picking good talent and training them selflessly.

Shiva Kumar said, “I worked as the main coach Indian Junior badminton team in 2016 and also worked as state coach in 2018 . Karnataka Badminton Association and Badminton Association of India recognise my talent and supported me a lot. Nurturing young talent was my dream so I opened a badminton academy to further popularise the game in small towns and rural areas in this part of the region.

As the game is a costly affair, he decided to offer free coaching to players of poor financial backgrounds as their parents cannot afford it, he said and added, “So far he has trained more than 250 students. Among them many have played in national tourneys and represented India in international tournaments. My family has also supported me in this endeavor”.

Upendra C, One of the students said, luckily they have got such a coach. “I have a lot if interest to play badminton but my family is not economically strong. His free training made me play for the state recently,” he added.

Shivakumar, who trains poor talented students in Badminton

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