Mayor Iresh Anchatgeri welcomes CM without wearing the gown

Mayor Iresh Anchatgeri receiving CM at airport without wearing the gown in Hubballi on Sunday

Hubballi: Mayor Iresh Anchatgeri on Sunday welcomed Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai without wearing a gown saying it was a gift from British. Mayor who hoisted the national flag at HDMC office in Dharwad on August 15, by doing so he broke a tradition, mayors whether they were from Hubballi or Dharwad used to hoist the flag at the HDMC office in Hubballi, but the mayor changed that tradition.

He received the CM without wearing the gown, claiming that it was an obsolete habit. He also wrote to the chief minister, requesting him to end the gown culture in the state and establish a new precedent.

According to the mayor, the gown has become an essential part of the civic body. As is customary, when a corporator becomes mayor, he or she wears a gown of taking leadership. They wear it to council meetings as well. However, when VIPs such as the President, Vice-President, Prime Minister, Central Minister, Governor, and Chief Minister arrive, a maroon gown is worn as a token of respect. However, this was practised by the British and is no longer relevant, he said.

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