Mayor Anchatgeri takes steps to quench the thirst of Nehru Nagar residents

HDMC meeting
Mayor Iresh Anchatgeri during HDMC meeting (FILE Photo)

Dharwad: Mayor Iresh Anchatgeri has taken steps to quench the thirst of Nehru Nagar residents. The residents were facing drinking water problems for 40 years. The area lacked a drinking water pipeline network, and the water was being supplied through tankers and bore wells. Recently, the problem was brought to the attention of the Mayor, and he instructed Karnataka Urban Infrastructure Development and Finance Corporation (KUIDFC), and to take all the necessary steps to provide drinking water to the residents via tap.

The KUDIFC has written to L&T Company, quoting the mayor’s letter. They instructed the company to temporarily install pipelines and start supplying water by creating stand post.

If that is not possible, supply bore well water via water pipeline, complete the creation of stand work in 15 days, and ensure that the residents get water regularly without any delay or problems.

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