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September 2023

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Mandya: Miscreants Target Petrol Station, Spill 10,000 Liters Fuel

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Mandya, by Hubli Express News Service: A distressing incident unfolded in Mandya district’s Baby village as miscreants deliberately discharged approximately 10,000 liters of fuel from a local petrol station.

According to sources, the perpetrators targeted a newly constructed petrol station situated on the village’s outskirts during the late hours of Sunday night. Their actions involved activating the station’s generator to spill the entire stock of fuel, comprising a substantial 8,000 liters of petrol. The reason for this incident is said to be past grudge, said sources.

The petrol station had been recently established by its owner, who had initiated operations concurrently with ongoing civil construction activities. As of now, the installation of CCTV cameras had not been completed, creating an opening that the miscreants exploited. Seizing the opportunity, they intruded into the premises and carried out the fuel spill.

Reports indicate that during the incident, the station’s staff was absent for a dinner break. Seizing this moment, the vandals attempted to abscond with cash. However, their efforts proved fruitless, leading to their frustration. In response, they left the station’s premises unlocked and fled the scene by keeping open the fuel discharge hose open.

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Local authorities have since registered a case pertaining to the incident, with a comprehensive investigation currently underway.

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