Man murders an 11-year-old girl, later ends his life


A- 55-year-old man allegedly murdered an 11-year-old girl after she reported his misbehaviour and stabbed himself to death. The incident happened on Sunday in Bengaluru.

Nanda Kishore, a Haryana native who lived in Jindal Nagar on the outskirts of Bengaluru, has been identified as the deceased. He worked in the same factory as the girl’s father. The girl’s family is from Uttarakhand. The families shared a neighbourhood and were on good terms until mid-July.

Kishore, who came out with a knife on Sunday at 2.30pm, stabbed the girl in the stomach on the first floor of the building where she lived before going to the ground floor and stabbing himself in the stomach. Kishore was transported to a local hospital and then to Victoria Hospital, where he died just after 7 p.m.

Kishore allegedly obstructed the child on her way down the stairs a month ago, and she complained to her father about it. Both families had clashed over the subject, and Kishore had tried to convince them that he was only doing it for pleasure. However, when the situation deteriorated, the residents’ organisation was contacted, and Kishore was requested to vacate the premises and relocate.

Kishore was looking for a rented property and a month’s time. While his search had failed, he noticed the girl playing and felt humiliated because of her, so he killed her with a knife. He returned to the first floor and stabbed himself.

Madanayakanahalli police filed a murder charge against Kishore and an unnatural death case in connection with Kishore’s death.

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