Man murdered for not repaying 1.60 lakh loan. Police arrest the accused


Gadag: Mundargi police have solved a murder case by arresting the accused. The accused has been identified as Muttappa Betageri, 31, a resident of DS Ramenahalli in Mundargi taluk.

Mutappa had allegedly killed RTO agent Maruti Ramanna Ankalagi, 35, a resident of the Gangimadi area of Gadag city. Maruti was brutally hacked to death on August 23. The police said that Maruti had informed the accused that he was going to Kappatagudda and asked him to accompany him, and the accused agreed to accompany him.

The deceased Maruti travelled in a bus till Dambal, and from there he took a ride on Muttappa’s bike to reach Kappatagudda, but the accused Muttappa, instead of taking him to Kappatagudda, took him to his agriculture field, and there they both had drinks. While having the drinks, Muttappa asked Maruti to repay the Rs. 1.60 loan that he borrowed from him, but Maruti refused to pay the money. The argument turned violent, and Muttappa allegedly killed him by hitting a stone on his head and in the face. Later, he dumped his body on the side of Jantli Shirur-Ramenahalli Road.

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