Man forced to accept Islam case: police busy in President’s Bandobast duty, case likely to shift to Bengaluru


Hubballi: The police investigation into the alleged religious conversion case has yet to pick up as the police are busy on Bandobast duty for President Draupadi Murmu’s Civic Honour Programme.

A 26-year old man from Mandya had registered a case with APMC Navanagar police, alleging that 12 men had forced him to change his religion, placed him in illegal confinement in Bengaluru, and threatened that he should convert at least three people to Islam a year. The issue came to light when the victim came to Bhairidevarkoppa to meet his friend. Unknown miscreants had attacked him as he was roaming in the area suspiciously.

A team led by an assistant commissioner of police went to Bengaluru after registering a case, and the team returned to Hubballi, but police failed to furnish details of the progress in the case. A senior police officer said that the ACP-led team had gone to Bengaluru to complete a few procedures in connection with the case.

A senior police officer told that they were busy on Bandobast duty and that after this programme, they would actually concentrate on the case. A few policemen said that the investigation into this case is in an early stage and they are verifying the facts. A police officer said that, prima facie, it looks like there is some truth in the claims made by the victim.

Sources said that the case is likely to be shifted to Bengaluru, where the alleged incident happened. But higher police officials refused to comment on this. The police are yet to arrest the accused who assaulted the victim in Bhairidevarakoppa.

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