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June 2023

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Hubballi / Dharwad

Mahesh Tenginkai Expresses Confidence in BJP’s Victory in H-D Central Constituency

Mahesh TenginkaiBJP candidate Mahesh Tenginkai is in a relaxed mood on Thursday morning after a hectic day of polling. Reading a newspaper at his residence, located in Basaveshwar Nagar.

Hubballi-Dharwad Central constituency BJP candidate Mahesh Tenginkai is in high spirits after what he believes was a successful campaign that will result in a win with a margin of at least 15,000 votes.

Speaking with Hubli Express, Tenginkai expressed his confidence that voters were on his side and that the Modi wave generated in January, combined with extensive door-to-door campaigning, corner meetings, and roadshows, will help him achieve a win.

“I received a ground report from party workers that indicated the voters have spoken and that they voted in my favor. Anti-incumbency against Jagadish Shettar, my opponent from Congress, played a significant role in my victory,” he stated.

“Traditional voters, as well as those who were against Shettar, also voted for me. Even minorities who usually vote for the Congress have come out in support of me and the BJP,” he said.

Tenginkai credits the BJP’s ability to garner votes in traditionally Congress-dominated areas as the key to register their success. He also noted that first-time voters, youth, and people from all walks of life showed their support, including those who previously voted for the Congress.

When asked about his strategy, Tenginkai said that it was all about listening to the people and addressing their concerns. “We have a good track record of delivering on our promises and implementing policies that benefit the people,” he said.

Tenginkai also said that the Congress party candidate tried hard to set a narrative a particular community against a particular community in this election but they failed in it miserably.

Despite the intense fight against his opponent, Tenginkai remains confident that the BJP will retain the seat. He expressed his gratitude to the voters for their support and promised to work tirelessly to fulfill their expectations.

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