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September 2023

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Madurai: Fire Breaks Out on Tourist Train, Nine Lives Lost

Photo courtesy @Harshpatel1408 (Twitter)
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Madurai: Tragedy struck in the early hours of Saturday as a tourist train parked on stabling Lane near Madurai railway station became the site of a devastating fire, resulting in the loss of nine lives and leaving more than 20 individuals injured.

The bodies of the victims have been transferred to the Government Hospital in Madurai, while ongoing rescue efforts continue, according to official reports.

The Southern Railway conveyed, “At 5:15 AM today, a fire mishap occurred in a privately-owned tourist coach stationed in the Madurai yard. By 7:15 AM, the flames were successfully extinguished, with senior railway officials promptly reaching the scene to oversee operations.”

Local sources disclosed that the inferno was triggered when a passenger ignited a gas stove in an attempt to prepare coffee. While Southern Railway clarified that the coach was a private party coach/ individual coach attached to the Punalur-Madurai Express from Nagarcoil junction on the previous day, arriving at Madurai at 3:47 AM. After detachment, the coach was positioned at the Madurai stabling line.

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Investigations conducted by Southern Railway Officials unveiled that the passengers had illicitly brought a gas cylinder on board, inadvertently setting off the fire. Responding swiftly, many passengers managed to exit the coach upon detecting the flames, and some disembarked directly onto the platform.

Originating from Lucknow on August 17, the party coach was en route to Chennai, with plans to conclude its journey tomorrow before heading back to Lucknow, as detailed by railway authorities.

In light of the Madurai Junction fire incident, authorities have made available two helpline numbers at the scene for sharing information pertaining to the incident and any related casualties: 9360552608 and 8015681915.

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