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October 2023

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Hubballi / Dharwad

LPG Tanker Lodged Beneath Underpass in Dharwad, Alters Belagavi-Bengaluru Commuter Routes

LPG TankerLPG Tanker
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Dharwad, Hubli Express News Service: Authorities are currently engaged in efforts to safely dislodge an LPG tanker that became stuck beneath an underpass on the National Highway connecting Belagavi and Bengaluru near High Court on the outskirts of Dharwad.
Due to these ongoing removal operations, traffic has been temporarily halted on this route, prompting commuters to seek alternative pathways.


In response to the situation, the Superintendent of Police in Belagavi has communicated that traffic diversions have been enacted for individuals traveling from Mumbai to Bengaluru. Commuters have been advised to consider the following alternative routes:

  1. Kittur-Tadkod-Garag-Dharwad, from Belagavi city limits
  2. Sankeshwar-Hukkeri-Ghataprabha-Gokak-Yaragatti-Savadatti-Dharwad
  3. Hirebagewadi-Bailhongal-Tadkod-Garag-Dharwad
  4. Nippani-Chikkodi-Hukkeri-Ghataprabha-Gokak-Savadatti-Dharwad

These routes are suggested to ensure the smooth flow of traffic during the ongoing operation. The SP also said that experts from Mangaluru are in the process of plugging the leakage and safe removal of the vehicle and traffic will be cleared within few hours and update will be shared on this once the work done.

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