Lord Ganesha submits a memorandum to Mayor Iresh Anchatgeri in Hubballi


Hubballi: Lord Ganesha has submitted a memorandum to Mayor Iresh Anchatgeri urging him to reconsider the corporation’s recent decision to re-invite applications for the formation of citizens’ ward committees.

The HDMC’s recently held general body meeting decided to re-invite applications from the interested, citing a lack of applications from the public to form the committees. On Thursday, members of Karnataka Ward Samiti Balaga met with the mayor and asked him to speed up the process of forming ward committees by revising the recent GB decision.

A letter of appeal was submitted by theatre artist Eranna Kanthigawi, who was dressed as Lord Ganesha.

Hubballi Dharwad Ward Committee Coordinator Lingaraj Dharwadshetter, Shivashankar Aihole, Sivananda Belavatagi, Jagdish Unkal, VG Patil, Sarojini Kademani, Sudhir Ambekar, Gopalkrishna Bijapur, Lokesh Jadav, Sara Gokavi, Sharada Patil, Shobha Killedar, and others were present.

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