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June 2023

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Lok Poll predicts Congress to win 128-131 seats in Karnataka Assembly elections

Lok Poll

With just under a month left until the polling day, a recent pre-poll survey conducted by ‘Lok Poll’ suggests that Congress is poised to achieve a significant triumph in the upcoming 2023 Karnataka Assembly elections. The survey reveals that Congress has made progress since a similar poll conducted in February, while the BJP’s numbers have continued to decline.

The opinion poll by ‘Lok Poll’, which surveyed over 65,000 respondents from various districts in the state, predicts that Congress will secure 128-131 seats, with a vote share of 42-45%. The BJP is expected to secure 66-69 seats, with a vote share of 30-33%, while JDS is predicted to secure 21-25 seats, with a vote share of 15-18%. Other parties may secure 1-4 seats, with a vote share of 6-9%.

According to the pre-poll survey, BJP is likely to perform well in the Kittur Karnataka region and maintain its dominance in coastal Karnataka. However, the party is expected to suffer significant losses in Central Karnataka, which it swept in the 2018 state assembly elections.

In the Kittur Karnataka region, the BJP is expected to maintain a strong presence with 21-23 seats, Congress 26-28, and JDS 0-1. In the Kalyana Karnataka region, Congress is predicted to secure the most seats, with 27-30, while BJP is expected to secure 8-11, JDS 0-2, and others 0-2. In Bengaluru, Congress is anticipated to secure 22-24 seats, BJP 9-11, and JDS 1-4. In coastal Karnataka, the ruling BJP is expected to put up a strong performance with 14-16 seats, while Congress is expected to secure 8-10 and JDS 0-1.

Lok Poll

In Central Karnataka, BJP is expected to secure 10-12 seats, Congress 9-11, and JDS 0-1. In the Old Mysuru region, the Lok Poll opinion poll predicted that BJP is expected to make inroads and secure 9-11 seats, while Congress is predicted to secure a maximum of 27-30 seats, and JDS may secure 20-22 seats. In the 2018 Assembly polls, JD(S) secured 27 seats in the region, while Congress and BJP won 17 and 11 seats, respectively.

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