Kuruba also belongs to Hindu

Minister Dr Ashwath Narayan in Ayodhya

Kuruba (Shepard) the community which Sh Siddaramiah represents contributes 8% of the state’s population but yet it is a part of Hindu culture. If we go back into the history Sh Siddaramiah joined congress with all fanfare in 2006 on “Ahinda” platform and he had a show of strength in Mysore before he was inducted on his “following”. Today he seems to be ditching his own followers by supporting Tipu Sultan legacy for political gains. Does that mean that “Kuruba” community issues have been addressed or he is doing this make his place secure in congress. This fact is also known that Sh Siddaramiah even today isn’t considered a Congress insider while time & again he has to prove that he is a loyal partyman.  During his regime Tipu Sultan Jayanthi celebrations were announced along-with a state govt holiday.

When top leaders, of the state like ex-chief minister Sh Siddaramaiah, glorify Tipu Sultan, when he orders the release of gross offenders and criminals of a particular community, when he targets freedom fighters’ pictures in specific minority areas, it definitely hurts the true Hindu. What is wrong if a pro-Hindu leader, a believer of Rama’s ideology showed an emotional outburst and tried bringing insights on Siddaramaiah’s vote bank-centric politics, asking him to stop glorifying the sultans who were responsible for mass killings and hurting the sentiments of the majority of Hindus and deflating the dream of Akhand Bharat.

Apologies are never easy. One must appreciate the apology extended by Dr. C. N. Ashwathnarayan which is truly a noteworthy quality of a hardcore Hindu philosophy believer. Dr Ashwathnarayan even spoke about Siddaramaiah love towards Tipu Sultan. He didn’t speak anything disgracefully against Siddaramaiah he only criticised glorifying of a killer responsible for genocide and forceful conversion in the state. It is surprising to read the reactions of the leaders of some political parties, how can the supporter of the sultans of mass killings call a Rama Bhakta a “demon”? Is he just trying to blatantly attack the sentiments and ideology of the majority under the garb of attacking the minister? It is time for us to unite and support what we feel is right and justified. Let’s raise the right questions and stop vote bank politics and support a new Karnataka based on principles and ideologies of Bhagwan Ram & Rama Rajya

This is how Minister Ashwath Narayan warms up before the walkathon in Hubballi

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