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September 2023

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Koppal: Son abandons mother rescued by locals

The old mother with the police and with a member of a rescue team

Koppal: Locals of Hulagi village rescued a 75-year-old mother who was sitting under a shed for two days without food, and proper cover amid wet and cold conditions.

Locals noticed that the elderly woman was sitting as if she was waiting for someone. When they questioned the woman, they found that she came to Hulagi with his son, but he went away leaving her there.

The lady told the villagers that he handed over a phone and a slip saying that the chit had his mobile number. When they checked it, they found that he handed over the phone without having a sim in it and the chit was blank.

The villagers informed the police; they took her to the police station, where they gave her warm clothes, and provided food and water. Later the lady was handed over old age home.

The lady has been identified as Kasimabi, 75, resident of Ujjaini village in Vijayapura district. Hubli Express contacted the local police, about why the lady was abandoned, the police said they are yet to know the reason.

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